Mauna Kea Summit Adventure
Vendor: Mauna Kea Summit Adventures
Category: Land Tours
Location: Hawaii

The Original Mauna Kea Sunset and Stargazing trip

Extremely informative narration from our highly trained guides

o 4x4 micro-coach vans with panoramic views

o Convenient central pick-up points in Kailua Kona or Waikoloa

o Superb scenery and photo opportunities with Sunset on the summit

o Arctic style parkas with hoods and gloves

o Hearty 3 Cheese Lasagna Supper

o 11inch computerized telescopes (twice the power of the standard 8inch)

o Stargazing program with our powerful telescope *Weather Permitting

o Gourmet hot beverage service, cocoa, coffee, and tea accompanied with biscotti while stargazing

High Altitude Health Warning! Do not attempt a trip to Mauna Kea summit if you have Heart or

Respiratory Conditions, are Pregnant, Severely Obese (BMI 40 or above), Sick or in a Weakened

state. SCUBA divers should wait at least 24 hours from their last dive. Minimum age to the summit

is 13 years. Please consult your physician and our reservations department if you have any doubt.

Mountain Environment: Mauna Kea averages 325 clear nights a year. Most of the unfavorable

nights are predictable and about 12% of our trips are cancelled for that reason. Occasionally

unexpected clouds or inclement weather may affect a trip in progress. About 6% of our trips are

affected by undesirable weather. Mauna Kea is a cold and sometimes windy place. You will need

long pants, closed shoes and an intermediate layer.

* Mauna Kea Summit Adventures does NOT guarantee weather

Cancellation Policy:

(# of Passengers)

1-4: 24 hours

5-7: 48 hours

8-10: 1 week

11+: 2 weeks

Within 24 hours no refunds, no exceptions.

*The Consumption Fee is what we consider, and term as our (*Full-Refund* less the Consumption Fee). We apply this rate in the event we are not able to stargaze on our Winter Special tour, or if we issue a Full Refund under any other circumstance that a tour has been run, and refunded. If we do not serve dinner,

or enter the Mauna Kea UH Managed lands, we will not charge the Consumption Fee

Persons in, but not limited to, the following risk groups will not be allowed not take this trip.

o No children under 13 years age

o Heart Conditions

o Lung Condition

o Persons whom are ill or weak

o Pregnant women

o SCUBA divers within 24 hours of diving

o Severely obese persons (BMI over 40.0 are not allowed)

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